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Posted March 3, 2017

Kolin is now available for Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V's most recent February update has added the ice queen, Kolin, to the roster. As the second season 3 character, Kolin is available for 100,000 fight money $5.99 USD, €5.99, or £4.99 of real currency. She is also available for download to Season 2 Pass owners. Her costumes are also available for purchase at 40,000 Fight Money or for $3.99 USD, €3.99, or £3.29.

Check out all of Kolin's combos in the video below.

Posted March 3, 2017

Marvel player checks phone while being comboed

At the recent Undefeated of the Southwest tournament, that occurred this past weekend, an Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 player had decided to check his phone in the middle of a match. The combos in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 can be extremely long and most high level matches end up being a race to see who can land the first hit into a lifebar-disintegrating combo. This exchange happened in a match between Louis “Readman” Millan and Abraham “Neo” Sotelo. Readman caught Neo at the beginning of the fourth game with an infinite combo using Dante. After realizing that there was nothing he could do, Neo then took out his phone and decided to check his text messages.

He lost that character but actually ended up winning the game. He unfortunately lost the set to Readman despite his comeback. After being sent to losers Neo was matched up with Ryan “RyanLV” Romero. RyanLV ended up winning the set and eventually the entire tournament, with Neo placing 17th. Readman made it to the finals bracket but ended up placing 13th place. The Marvel vs. series is well known in the fighting game community for it's extremely long and drawn out combo sequences. The vs. series games are not strict with their combo system so players have found a number of infinite combos that can only be stopped if the player executing it messes up their execution. This latest match is a perfect example of how the free-form combo system can create comical situations during tournaments.

Posted March 2, 2017

Skullgirls physical release delayed

Skullgirls' physical release was originally set for January 2017. But January came and went with no physical release and now there is an explanation for the delay. In a post on the official Skullgirls website it was clarified that the main reasons for the delay was due to an unexpected level of work on getting online lobbies to work correctly. There was also mention of some trouble finalizing the contracts for the game's Japanese voice-over licensing. The paperwork for the licensing was moving slower than expected. For full details on what's going on with the physical release please check out the Skullgirls website here:

Posted March 2, 2017

More PS4 Exclusive Perks Coming to Tekken 7

Tekken 7’s long awaited release is almost four months away and now we're getting a better picture of what will be available on launch date. While Microsoft hasn't commented yet if any exclusive perks will be coming to the Xbox version of Tekken 7, Sony has been giving Tekken fans plenty of reasons to pick up the PS4 version. A 12″ x 18″ figure of Heihachi and Kazuya engaged in battle will be coming exclusively to the PS4 collector's edition as well as a Steelbook and the Tekken 7 soundtrack. But wait! Also exclusive to the PS4 version of the game will be a Jukebox mode, which will allow you to play songs from different games in the Tekken series while you play the game. The PS4 version will also feature exclusive Tekken 4 and Tekken 2 variant costumes for some characters.

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